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Q: Can my child come for a ‘taster session’?


A: Of course. All children are welcome to a free ‘taster’ class. A parent may sit in to watch how the child enjoys their first session.


Q: What will my child need to wear?


A: Girls may wear any ballet, princess or fairy costumes they already have, or leggings and t-shirt. Boys generally wear shorts and t-shirt. Bare feet are fine to start with for ballet, Modern, or Classical Greek lessons.


For Tap dance it’s advisable to wear sturdy school shoes. Trainers are not recommended.

Once children are settled, then we do have a uniform, but it is not essential unless your child wishes to take exams.


Babes/pre-school classes: No set uniform. Ballet shoes are recommended

Pre-Primary/Primary: Lilac cotton Leotard (short sleeves), Lilac skirt, white ballet socks, Pink leather shoes.


Grade 1 & 2: Lavender cotton leotard (no sleeves) white ballet socks, Pink leather shoes. Character skirt, and Character shoes.

Grade 3 – 5:As grade 1&2 but Cerise leotard and ballet tights.


Q: How Much do the classes cost?


A: Children’s classes cost £3.25 each. This is payable in 1/2 term blocks. That is usually for 6 weeks (£19.50). If your child joins us part way through the 1/2 term, then you will just be invoiced for the remaining sessions, then billed for the next block when everybody is.


Q: Will we be charged for missed classes?


A: I’m afraid so. We break for the school holidays, when most people go away. If your child has to miss many classes in a row because of illness, then let me know, and I may allow some discount off your following invoice.


Q: Do I leave my child with you?


A: Yes, after their first class. Children tend to progress quicker the less they can be distracted, therefore I only allow spectators 3 times a year on the last lesson of each term (just before the Christmas, Easter, and Summer holidays)


Q: Do the children take exams?


A: Children may take exams with the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) if they wish. All students will be given the opportunity once they reach 5+ years. I usually hold a ballet exam session once every 12 – 18 Months. We have an 100% pass rate at JT Dance.


Q: My child’s English Language is limited. Can they still take part?


A: Definitely! As Ballet is obviously very visual, they can begin to learn a lot even before they can speak the language. I find that children learn the key phrases quickly, especially as many are repeated week after week.


If you have decided which dance classes you would like to attend then you can complete our pupil dance class enrolment form.

Frequently Asked Questions

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