Tap Dancing Classes

Tap Dance Classes

Every day we're looking for a more creative way to find the rhythm in our feet. This might be why people spend their evenings tap dancing with us at Adult Tap Dance sessions. Join us and see how you can become an expert of this captivating art form!

We're not just teaching you to dance; we're teaching you this age-old lost art form. With your feet constantly in motion, energy builds up that can only be released with a fantastic tap routine. 

Beginner Adult Tap Dance

Who knows what could happen once you harness the power of rhythm? You might want to bust out some new moves at your next dinner party or become your office's resident tap dancer and everyone's favorite person. Introduce yourself to an audience with these sultry sounds!

Love to tap dance but the sprightly pace doesn't align with your slowed-down body? Don't worry, these classes are perfect for rusty tappers, swinging dancers, and every age in between.  This is an exercise class after all!

Beginner Children Tap Dance Classes

Our children's tap classes are affordable, fun, and easy to learn! You'll be tapping your way through your favorite tunes in no time.

We offer a range of local tap dancing classes for children of all ages. Our teachers are professional dancers with years of experience so you know that you're getting the best possible instruction at an affordable price. There's no better place to learn how to tap dance than right here in Warrignton.

Tap dancing is the perfect way to get in shape and have fun. It’s also a great workout that can help you improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. You don’t need any experience or special equipment to join our classes – just bring your enthusiasm!

We offer tap dance lessons for adults and children of all levels at affordable prices. Our teachers are friendly and knowledgeable about the art form, so they will be able to teach you everything you need to know from beginner basics up to advanced techniques.

Your questions answered

Here's some answers to the most frequently asked questions

There is no strict dress code or uniform, to begin with. We supply dancewear and uniforms via postal delivery and you can order anything required from your teacher at the end of your class.
Currently, all of our classes are based at Cinnamon Brow community center. You can follow the link to the locations page to see a map and get directions.
We have a range of classes available and you should check the class information to gauge whether you feel your experience level is suitable. Graded classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and it is important to attend each Grade sequentially.
We follow all national guidelines and safety measures are in place to ensure the safety of our teachers, students and dance community. All students / guardians are required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire which includes our track and trace policy.

Register to attend a class before our classes are full.

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