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A number of nurseries in Warrington have already realised the great rewards of adding dance sessions to their list of services.

I have experience in teaching all ages and specialise in working with those of pre-school age. I feel the classes are very rewarding for the children who benefit from this introduction to dance.

Physical and creative development are vital parts of the early years curriculum, and through our dance sessions, I cover a great deal of these areas with the children. I have also seen the great benefits in children especially shy and with those children who have some behavioural problems.

All children love to dance with props, therefore many of our dances are performed with scarves, ribbons, wings, feathers, wands etc.

Pre-school children will develop skills in:

  • Co-ordination, Balance and Control
  • Creativity and imagery
  • Spatial awareness
  • Working with others in partners or groups
  • Musicality – recognising tone and pitch, tempo, rhythms and what the music sounds like or how it makes you feel
  • Self discipline and Confidence

And gain a basic understanding of:

  • Posture
  • Parts of the body
  • Rhythm
  • Mime

Each session is divided into five areas:

  • Warm Up – Simple move around the room. This warms the muscles in preparation.
  • Floor work – sitting exercises focusing on various parts of the body.
  • Circle work – movements for balance and muscular control and strength.
  • Co-ordinated moves – jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping
  • Mime and musicality – Role play to music, little stories we can show through dance.

All of the exercises incorporate imagery in some way or another, encouraging creativity, expression and individuality. Often it will be the children who come up with an idea that matches the music that I will then go on to use time and time again

If you have decided which dance classes you would like to attend then you can complete our pupil dance class enrolment form.

Our Dance Classes - Held in Orford, Cinnamon Brow and Padgate - Warrington, Cheshire.

JT Dance Warrington

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